What is Genba Walk? It is the Japanese traditional word and way.

For local IT in Japanese company

In Japan, IT industry has a traditional word and way of finding the situation and issue, which is Genba walk. Genba is 現場 in Japanese. This blog try to help you to understand the Japanese company better. I hope you will get any knowledge from this.

1. What is Genba Walk?

Another way of saying it is Genti Genbutsu(現地現物). Genba means that the actual place where the thing happen or the issue exists. In this case, Genba walk means that you walk through on the floor and watch what happens and understand how people feel.

2. Why Genba walk is required?

In Japan, the most managers are the playing manager who play a lot of roles. If you are the person who check the number and tell employee to achieve it only, that would be difficult to work in Japanese company. Japan has very high context culture that you might not get the clear instruction about this.

If you try to understand the issue with your junior employee, your boss understand how much you would like to work with employee well. In order to provide Genba walk, you need to go to the customer place, project site, operation site and so on.

3. Summary

If you would like to do the Genba walk, you can check with your manager about how you would like to proceed it. If you know the Genba walk, you can work in Japanese company more easily.

I hope this information help your work and reduce the difficulty during your work in Japanese company.