What kind of IT document is required for Japanese company?

For local IT in Japanese company

In Japan, the documents for the maintenance purpose are very important. If you are the only one IT engineer in your company, no one can tell you what kind of document you need to prepare.

I will explain what kind of document Japanese company prefer from Japanese IT manager perspective. I will explain the reason first, and explain what document is required.

1. Why is the document so important?

In Japan, the document is very important. Whenever you work on the project, you need to provide the document well. If you write the document, some IT staff can understand the project clearly and minimize the issue because of language. If you do not write any document, there might be the risk which seems you have not worked. Of course, it is a extreme side, but still some staff guess so.

It takes time to understand what kind of document when you work in Japanese company because sometimes you cannot get the clear instruction. I write the document you need to prepare in the project. There are several phases for IT project such as quotation or RFP phase, implementation phase, maintenance phase and disposal phase. This page focuses on Project, New launch or IT migration.

2. What document you need to prepare at least?

When you make the project document, there are many types of document. These are the main document. I explain one by one.

1. WBR(Work breakdown structure), Gantt chart
2. Design strategy, Overall network diagram, Server set up information
3. Detail information with all information
4. Maintenance design
5. Test document
6. Stakeholder diagram
7. Issue management sheet

2-1. WBR(Work breakdown structure), Gantt chart

Most management would like to understand the timeline for the project. The overall is important, but you should prepare for the work breakdown structure document with the targeted schedule. You can put some buffer and can discuss with your manager.

2-2. Design strategy, Overall network diagram, Server set up information

This is very important to make all IT stakeholder understand your thoughts. All project stakeholders can get back to this document when they have any vague part. This can reduce your load.

2-3. Detail information with all information

Once all design are fixed, you can start writing the detail documenation.

2-4. Maintenance design

Many management really would like to understand how the maintenance will be. If you can prepare for the information like who, how frequent, why and so on, your manager can be relieved by that.

2-5. Test document

Test document is the verification result of your work. For example, traffic flow test, load test, fail over test are the common. You can imagine the possible cases as much as you want.

2-6. Stakeholder diagram

This document helps you a lot during the project. If you make this document, you can get more stakeholder information.

2-7. Issue management sheet

This is important as a project manager. If you can track all issues with stakeholders, you are recognized as a strong leader.

3. To make the better document and get the better impression from your boss.

If you would like to make the better document, you should share the document as soon as possible. You do not have to create the perfect document. You can share the document with 60% quality and ask the feedback first.

Your attitude to the documentation should be appreciated by your manger.

I hope this information help your work and reduce the difficulty during your work in Japanese company.