Japanese culture:守・破・離(Shu, Ha, Ri)

For local IT in Japanese company

In Japan, there is a very popular word which is Shu Ha Ri(守・破・離). Shu Ha Ri is like Follow・Change・Think yourself.

You can know this concept and talk to your manager.

1.What is Shu(守:Follow, Protect)

Shu is the start. When you start any new things, you need to study it first. For the fist phase, you need to learn first. I understand that you would like to propose any new solution, but please try to understand why the way is like that.

2.What is Ha(破:Change, Break)

Next step is Ha. When you understand the process well, you might want to improve the process. You can move forward on the improvement after Shu status. You can check with you manager.

3.What is Ri(離:Think yourself, Leave)

Ri is the last part when you fully understand the process and improvement plan. You can see the situation objectively. I hope that you can think by yourself and improve the whole process from the objective perspective.


I explained 守・破・離(Shu, Ha, Ri). This is very common and important way of thinking in Japan. You might be able to ask your customer or your manager about that.