How is the IT working culture in Japan?

For local IT in Japanese company

When you start working in Japanese company as IT staff, you might face some difficulty to understand Japanese traditional culture.

In this blog, I will explain the majority of Japanese company. If you are thinking to join Japanese company, pleas check this also. I know that there are many new company which are very different from what I will explain here, but still the following culture is popular in Japan.

1. Planning is very important.

This is the biggest difference between Japanese company and non-Japanese company.

Japanese company spends a lot of time on planning and try to avoid any error during implementation.

If you work for the Japanese company, you might feel how difficult it is due to a lot of planning document.

If you can well prepare for the project, you can work smoothly.

2.You have to persist until the project is done.

In IT project, we have a lot of changes and challenges during implementation, but you need to persist until the project is done when you face many issues. If you cannot implement, that means the plan is not right.

In order to avoid the situation, please discuss with your boss before you start the implementation and explain any risks in projects like resource or technical skill constraints.

3.Deadline cannot be changed.

This is very different. Japanese company is one of the most strict company about the time. If you have project and commit the timeline. You cannot delay on the project. If you would like to avoid the delay, you should fortify the vendors with telling the Japanese culture and ask them to understand it.

4.What you should focus on.

There are many difference in global work environment. In Japan, especially documents are required in pre-stage and post-stage. To avoid any miscommunication, please ask your boss(possibly Japanese) to understand the risk well when you proceed the projects. If you can do that well, your project is 90% successful.